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Spring 2014, Friday 12:30-1:45 pm, Room Silver 621
Spring 2014, Friday 2:00-3:15 pm, Room Silver 621TA: Sai Ma
Office hours: Monday 5-6pm, Office 819, 19 West 4th
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Feel Free to email me regarding short questions. Long questions are always welcomed, but appointment preferred


(Feb. 14, 2014) I will mostly use this website to post any additional question/note that I used in the recitation. In addition, from Homework 3 and on, I will add a Q&A section on this website. Any “useful” question I get from email related to the homework will be posted in the file named “Q&A Homework #” pdf file (for example, “Q&A Homework 3 — Updated Feb/15”), and will be updated from Monday to Thursday. Hope this can help you prepare the homework

(March 7, 2014) You can always pick up your unclaimed homework from the box outside my office 819

(March 13, 2014) There will be NO recitation on March 14, 2014. Have a nice spring break(March 28, 2014) I posted a recitation material related to the example I gave at the beginning of the recitation and also the trick to solve investment problem in recursive form

(May,15, 2014) I posted some hints and solutions to 08-13 finals. In addition, I have office hours on Thursday 4-6pm and Friday 4-6pm at 8th floor lobby. Free feel to drop by

Recitation materials:

Some Concepts/Reviews on Consumer(Household) Problem

This file is more like demonstrating how this website works. The file is my recitation slide for Intermediate Micro last year. It contains some important concepts e.g. monotonicity, Lagrangian and MRS = Price Ratio method, in addition, at the end, there are Four questions on partial derivatives, hope this helps. Again, you are NOT responsible for the concepts that were not covered in this file for this course

Homework 3 Q&A

Questions and Answers for Homework 3, Lastly Updated: 20/02/14, 9:00pm

Homework 4 Q&A

Questions and Answers for Homework 4, Lastly Updated: 27/02/14, 8:00pm

Homework 5 Comment and Q&A

It’s a relatively easy homework, I received very few questions. Hope it’s a good sign. Lastly Updated: 27/03/14, 9:00pm

Recitation 7 (March 28) — Supplementary Material

Related to the Expected Utility example and the trick to solve investment problem in recursive form

Homework 6 Hint and Q&A

It’s again a relatively easy homework, maybe the only challenge is Q3, I provided a hint for c). Lastly Updated: 03/04/14, 11:00pm

Homework 7 Hint and Q&A

It’s the beginning of the search theory, and my email inbox literally exploded by the questions, so I decided to put some hints. Lastly Updated: 03/24/14, 09:00pm

Math and Stats Reviews for Search Model

This is a review of the math and stats concepts needed for search model, including random variable, pdf, cdf, expectation and Leibniz Rule

Hint and Some Solutions to 08-13 Final

There are solutions to no 08-13 past finals, so it’s a great idea to post some hints and solutions to those questions. Good Luck!!