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What is Certain about Uncertainty (A survey on uncertainty measures)

Journal of Economic LiteratureForthcoming

Co-author list (All from FRB): Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia, Cisil Sarisoy, Juan M. Londono, John H. Rogers, Bo Sun, Deepa Datta, Thiago R.T. Ferreira, Olesya V. Grishchenko, Mohammad R. Jahan-Parvar, Francesca Loria, Marius Rodriguez, Ilknur Zer

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Macro and Financial Uncertainty Index (Updated every February and August) Last Update: 2023 February

COVID19 and The Costs of Deadly Disasters

with Sydney C. Ludvigson (NYU) and Serena Ng (Columbia)

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The version published in CEPR COVID Economics Issue 9. NBER Working Paper No. 26987

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Fed Policy Papers/Notes

Global Real Economic Uncertainty and COVID-19  (Ranie Lin and Juan M. Londono), FEDS Notes, February 2022

Quantifying the Impact of Foreign Economic Uncertainty on the U.S. Economy  (Juan M. Londono and Beth Anne Wilson), FEDS Notes, October 2019

Working Papers

Monetary-Based Asset Pricing: A Mixed-Frequency Structural Approach (March 2023)

with Francesco Bianchi (Johns Hopkins)  and Sydney C. Ludvigson (NYU)

Heterogeneous Intermediaries and Asset Prices: A Semiparametric Approach  (February 2023)

An updated and streamlined version of my JMP (2018)

Housing Cycles and Exchange Rates (Appendix) (January 2023), Under R&R at Management Science

with Shaojun Zhang (OSU Fisher)  

The Global Transmission of Real Economic Uncertainty (January 2023), Under R&R at JMCB

with Juan M. Londono (FRB) and Beth Anne Wilson (FRB)

Growth through Learning (November 2022), Under R&R at Review of Economic Dynamics (Special Issue)

with Boyan Jovanovic (NYU) 

The Causal Effect of the Dollar on Trade Price (October 2022)

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Selected Work in Progress/Major Revisions

Momentum Undervalue Puzzle (with Sydney Ludvigson and Martin Lettau)

Competition and Implementation Cycles 

Asset Prices and Dynamic Intermediation Chains in OTC Markets