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Reading/Study Notes

This page mainly contains my reading/study notes in Search Theory.
For me, the most comprehensive survey or introduction to search theory in labor economics is from Search-Theoretic Models of the Labor Market, by Rogerson, Shimer, and Wright. In addition to its notable contribution to labor economics, search theory has also been widely used in monetary theory, industrial organization, finance, and other areas. Some of my reading/study notes are from the in-class notes and slides from Ph.D. search theory course taught by Edouard Schaal offered at NYU. In addition, this page also contains my short essay edited from valuable assignments from I.O class taught by Boyan Jovanovic at NYU. All the errors and typos are from mine.

Reading Notes in Search Theory — Papers:

Espen R.Moen, Competitive Search Equilibrium, JPE, 1997
Duffie, Garleanu and Pedersen, Over-The-Counter Markets, ECMA, 2005
Pierre-Olivier Weill, Leaning Against the Wind, ReStud, 2007

Reading Notes in Search Theory — Books:

Money, Payments, and Liquidity, by Ed Nosal and Guillaume Rocheteau
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Short Papers/Essay:

(1) Leader or Follower? A Payoff Analysis in Quadratic Utility Harsanyi Economy
PDF (Current version: Oct 20, 2015)
—- Edited from Assignment submitted in IO class taught by Boyan Jovanovic